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Where Freedom Begins

"The secret to happiness is freedom...And the secret to freedom is courage" - Thucydides

Getting Creative with Life

Coaching is a journey of self-discovery that empowers you to a greater sense of purpose, balance, and vision for your life.

Committing to your personal transformation will profoundly impact your future and propel you into freedom.

Coaching that inspires the creative flow to deepen the awareness of your own creative internal awakenings.

I also love partnering with small businesses to improve their online exposure and affordable options.

It is crucial for a successful coaching relationship to have a good fit.

Its time to contact me and discuss your goals to see if we are a good match to work together. 

Achieving your goals could be right around the corner.  


Healthy Happy and Balanced

I feel that being balanced in life is essential to achieving success in all aspects.

How can we be balanced in our thoughts, feelings, and energy? Good question, I feel it's about looking inside and acknowledging how we respond or react to life, and how we share or nurture our own personal energies.

I strongly believe in personal wellness of mind, body, spirit, and energy.  With that, I have some tools to support you in reaching a sense of peace, relaxation, and balance 

The tools I use are Reiki and Whole Body Reflex Massage.  Reiki is a very relaxing hands-on or off form of energy work. Whole Body Reflex Massage is hands, feet, ears, and face massage.

Believe me when I say that both create such a sense of relaxation that you won't want it to stop.

Book your rejuvenation session now.

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